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ECR Congress 2016, 02 – 06/03/2016, Vienna


Hybrid Meeting

Here, there, everywhere.

Nothing creates as much excitement in our industry as the term 'hybrid event'. But what does it really mean?

Hybrid just means that your event can be followed simultaneously by participants on location and worldwide via the internet – ideally interactively and in real time where possible.

Our intelligent webcasts ensure that your event presentations are accessible both live and shortly afterwards to persons defined by you.

They create an 'event after the event' – even during the event.

Meta-fusion has been making interactive and intelligent webcasts for over 15 years. Talk to us!

Konrad Friedrich, ESR - About Live Streams und Hybrid Meetings
Video-Interview: 0:42 min [german]


More than just words.

World Climate Conference

to the webcast

Live and Directly On-Demand Webcasts from the World Climate Conference




What does the world cost?

Ben Smith - UEG, Benefit of on-demand webcast
Video-Interview: 0:33 min

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